All guests at Suites and Treats Pet Resort must be healthy and free of any contagious illness. Also, dogs must be non-aggressive towards people. All of our guests must have current vaccinations prior to lodging .We reserve the right to deny admittance to pets lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or pets displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, and/or aggressive behavior.

Required Vaccinations: Dogs: Current Rabies, Parvo, Distemper and Bordatella are required. Bordatella (kennel cough) is recommended every 6 months. Rabies, Parvo and Distemper must be given annually but we will consider other vaccination protocol with written document from your veterinarian. Vaccination records must be provided by time of drop off or dog will not be able to board with us. Please try to get vaccinations no less than 7 days before boarding. This is for the safety of your pet in case they have an adverse reaction to a vaccination.

Females who are in heat are not accepted; our male guests can detect females in heat from long distances away and can become highly agitated, resulting in a less-than-calm resort experience for all our other guest.

We strive to keep our facility clean and pest free. In order to avoid contamination Guests must be on a veterinarian approved year-round form of topical flea/tick control. Examples of Acceptable products are- FRONTLINE, ADVANTAGE, K-9 ADVANTIX or REVOLUTION. All guests will be inspected for flea and ticks at the time of drop off. Only healthy pest free animals will be allowed to be boarded.

Medications & Extras:
We DO NOT charge a medication fee, a special dietary fee or an exercise fee. Part of our commitment to quality care is making sure your pet has daily medications, special diets & regular exercise. It is our pleasure to keep your dog on their usual routine as per your instructions.

Things to Pack:
FOOD!!! We want to keep your pet as healthy as possible while they are here this is why we require you to provide food. It is best to keep your Pet on their own diet to avoid any strain on their digestive system; at home your pet may be able to go from one brand to another without any digestive problems, but in a kennel environment with so much excitement, it is sometimes overwhelming and a change of food can often irritate the digestive tract. This is why it is always recommended to maintain the same diet away from home as you do at home. However, we can supply our house food for an additional $2.00 per day per animal. We will feed based on your instructions and can handle any special needs: refrigerated or microwaved meals, special mixing or additions, just let us know. It is recommended that you bring only enough for your pets stay and an additional 1-2 days extra for just in case situations.

I do provide regular treats to our guests, so please let us know if your dog has any special diet or treat restrictions.

Bedding & Toys: All of the dog suites have beds for your dog’s comfort, however you are welcome to bring your pet’s favorite bedding and toys from home. Having something that smells familiar and like home can help relieve stress or anxiety about a new environment. All items brought in from home should be machine washable in hot water so we can keep their belongings nice and fresh. Please don’t bring anything that can be chewed or destroyed that you may want back. We cannot guarantee the return of personal items, so please do not bring something of high value to you or your pet. Please label everything!

Emergency Contact Requirement: An emergency contact is required for all pets to board. The emergency contact cannot be the owner’s home or cell phone number, it must be a different contact that is capable of picking up the pet in an emergency situation.

Aggressive Pet Handling Fee: Even the friendliest pet may react adversely to being in an enclosure. When this adverse reaction makes handling difficult or time consuming, a charge will be incurred. If handling your pet becomes dangerous, you will be asked to pick him/her up as soon as possible.

Check in: Pets may be checked in any time during open hours. The daily boarding rate is always applied on the day of arrival. The daily boarding rate will apply if the pet is not checked out by exactly 12 noon on the day of departure.